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Foot pain can have an adverse impact on your life and here at Slick Shoes we are all too familiar with that pain. We have dedicated our site in helping you find the right footwear for your particular issues so you can spend more time enjoying your life and less time worrying about your feet. Our shoe resources can help you with plantar fasciitis, shin splints, arthritis, neuropathy, diabetic pain or anything similar to these foot pain ailments. Our goal is to connect you with the best shoes that don’t just offer you relief but also fit your lifestyle.

We look forward in becoming your go-to resource for your best shoes ever.


Slick Shoes Buyers Guide

When it comes to purchasing shoes online, making the right choice about your footwear can get a little tricky. While purchasing shoes online is certainly more convenient than going storefront to storefront, the ease of that decision may not give you the best results if you don’t the best way to get what you’re looking for. We understand what it’s like to regret online shoe purchases, so we are here to try to help you make more informed decisions about your feet and what to put on them.

For those who have problematic feet, this can be even more difficult leaving you frustrated about your purchases and feeling like you’ve wasted your money. We have put together a guide to help you eliminate common mistakes made when shopping online for shoes and some tips on what to consider when you make your next online shoe purchase.

Pre-Purchase Actions

The biggest question is, do you really know the size of your foot? This may seem like a completely basic and obvious question when it comes to shoe shopping, but according to recent studies, people just really don’t know much about their feet.

According to a Sourcing Journal study, 90% of women wear shoes that don’t fit, and 60% of those women said they haven’t had their foot professionally measured in the last 5-years. Similarly, 80% of men are not wearing the right size shoe. Those percentages may shock you, but may also make you wonder if you have been purchasing the wrong size shoe for your own foot. Why you need to know your feet:

  • Get Measured – As you might imagine we suggest that you head straight to a shoe store and place your foot on the cold metal Brannock measuring device, just like you did when you were in elementary school. This tool not only measures the length of your foot but also the width and where your arch falls. You may have stopped measuring your feet once you hit your adult stride, but the truth is, your foot has evolved over time. Getting an accurate measurement of your foot will arm you with the right information when purchasing shoes online.
  • Understand Your Arch – Foot arches typically come in three varieties: flat foot, normal arch, and high arch. Understanding the arch of your foot will help you pick an appropriate shoe and how it constructed for your foot. To learn what kind of arch that you have in your foot, you can take a simple “wet foot test” to see how your arches stack up.
  • Know Your Shoe Purpose – When purchasing shoes, it is easy to get distracted from the never-ending fashion-forward options. While you won’t always have to sacrifice style for comfort, it’s important to understand what the purpose of your shoes are and how they impact your lifestyle. For those who are on their feet working all day long, wearing stilettos or on-trend dress shoes, may just not be realistic. We suggest getting clear about the purpose of your shoes as they are an integral part of your foot health and longevity.

Choosing the Right Shoes

After you have learned your proper shoe size, arch height, and purpose of your shoes, you can start your online shoe shopping experience. Shoe shopping online can be challenging if you are taking the window shopping approach to your purchases. Most mistakes made when shopping for shoes online come from not understanding foot composition and ignoring product descriptions or reviews. When you find potential shoe candidates, we suggest looking over various points of the advertisements, listings, and company information.

  • Seek the Pro Specs – You can use the shoe specs to get an idea of the shoe features and pros of how the shoe is supposed to function. The company specs will allow you to learn more about how the shoe is constructed and whether its features match what your foot truly
  • Seek the Con Reviews – Using the review spaces in your online shoe shopping experience will be helpful in determining whether the shoe will be appropriate for you. The “pro” reviews will be good justifications for you to purchase a shoe, but the “con”  reviews will offer you more insight as to what could potentially go wrong with the shoe.
  • Be Mindful of Reviews – While online reviews are very helpful in shoe shopping, do keep in mind that these spaces are often used to complain about ill-informed purchases. A poor review of a shoe may mean that the person didn’t do their homework, or didn’t understand what type of proper footwear they really These reviews can also reveal “bad actors” who use paid-for reviews to get better online traffic for their products. You can sort these out by making sure that the review is actually about the product (and not a similar/different product altogether) or language that seems more like “marketing” jargon.

Why Buy Online

Purchasing shoes online have a number of benefits. People love to know they are getting the full picture when it comes to purchasing anything, not just shoes, online. Those who have embraced e-commerce certainly understand this. More and more people are beginning to realize that shopping online is also a safe experience, compared to years gone by when websites did not have security procedures and processes in place. Here are our top reasons to purchase your next pair of shoes online.

  • Convenience – The early days of online shopping meant that you would place an order and get your merchandise in a few weeks. Part of what makes shopping so attractive for people is their ability to acquire products immediately. The market has decided, and the demand has been placed to be able to get merchandise quickly. Today it is easier than ever,  and often more convenient, to shop online knowing that you will receive your merchandise within days, and in some cases hours, of your mouse click.
  • Comparison – Do you remember the time when you used to travel miles to the mall and walk around various shops trying to locate the right pair of shoes? Maybe you even had to make repeat trips in order to acquire this pair of shoes. When you shop online, you have the ability to do all of that comparison work at your fingertips. Whether it’s comparing prices or features of the shoes, online shopping has changed the shoe shopping industry forever.
  • Discounts – It’s no secret, shopping online has become a competitive sport for retailers. This makes it a buyer’s market 24/7. One of the top features of shopping online for shoes is having access to the best pricing for the same product. You can be alerted to these price points by scheduling notifications and signing up with particular retailers that you have come to know and trust. Online shoe shopping It’s just more economical all around.
  • Choice – Some might place this in the category of a disadvantage, as having too many choices can make it impossible to make a decision. However, the fact remains that people who shop online demand choices and the market always delivers on that demand. The online shoe market gives you an infinite amount of choices when it comes to getting just the right fit, fashion and function.
  • Reviews – Another great feature of online shopping is your accessibility to customer reviews of products. These reviews, while they should be considered mere opinions and not facts, are a great resource for consumers who are looking to make the right choice about their shoe purchases.

Additional Tips for Online Shoe Shopping

To complete a successful online shoe shopping experience, here are a couple of our favorite tips to ensure that you get exactly what you want and are happy with your purchases.

  • Chose the Right Shop – Don’t be afraid to investigate, seek reviews, and ask questions to shop owners online about their business and where their products come from. While the online world has taken a little of the person-to-person transaction off the table, most online retailers want to give you a good customer service experience.
  • Returns – Before you make a purchase, review the shop’s return policy. There is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to online returns, so just be sure you understand the policy so you don’t encounter
  • Images – Making purchases from online retailers with exceptional product images will ensure that you receive the same item in the mail. When the product is not shown in detail or is placed within in a “scene” or on a “model” solely, this may give you a red flag and that the product may not be as it appears in the images.
  • Descriptions – Review the online description of the product to see if it matches up with the images. This will give you a better sense of the materials that are being used and whether the product will meet your expectations.
  • The Try On – When you received your shoes in the mail, be sure to try them on immediately to properly evaluate if they are right for your feet. Wear them about for a short time to get an idea of how they feel, and if they are going to meet your needs. Further, make sure that you wear them indoors during this testing period because if they do not work out, you will have an easier time returning the product if they are not scuffed, dirty or look to have been worn.

We look forward to enhancing your online shoe shopping experience. We hope to become your trusted resource as you search for the best shoes that meet your needs and overall lifestyle. When you come to, you will be able to review all kinds of shoes for your specific needs.  We will be able to show you where to purchase these products and give you product reviews about how they are received in the marketplace.

Don’t be shy! Let us know how we can support your feet and we hope to add a little pep in your step for years to come.