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Stylish and Comfortable Arthritis Shoes: Here’s What to Consider

According to the CDC, from 2013 to 2015, about 22.7% of U.S. adults have been officially diagnosed by a doctor with some form of arthritis. Experts also estimate that by 2040, 78 million (26%) of U.S. adults will most likely suffer from arthritis. Plus, considering this condition is also the leading cause of work disability among American citizens 18 and older, it’s clear that arthritis is more prevalent than people think.

While there are many causes for why some people develop arthritis, one, in particular, may surprise you: we’re talking about the shoes you wear. The wrong pair of shoes, either because it is too small, or doesn’t offer proper support, is one of the reasons why some people may develop arthritis. Moreover, adequate footwear is also the most popular non-surgical solution for treating these condition. Whether you’re trying to prevent it from ever developing, or are trying to treat it, here’s everything you should know about arthritis footwear.