Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis are all too familiar with pain. This pain doesn’t just stop at the feet, but often impacts daily living and interferes with work. Your doctor will be able to give you plenty of at home stretches and strengthening exercises to help you on your way to healing. As you work with your physician to tackle your plantar fasciitis, it is important that you do your part to prevent any further damage to your feet. Part of your role will be making sure you are wearing the proper footwear to decrease any damage to your feet and give them a chance to recover.

We have compiled the best shoes for plantar fasciitis on the market for those who no longer want to endure the pain associated with this affliction. We will be looking at the best shoes for all types of activities and purposes. Whether you are an athlete in need of the best sneakers for your workouts, a go-getter who spends all day on their feet for work, or a beachgoer on the hunt for the right pair of flip-flops; this collection will show you the best plantar fasciitis shoes.

We will round out this guide with the best insoles and accessories for people with plantar fasciitis who need solutions for their painful feet but are unsure of where to turn.

By Activity

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

ASICS has been in the business of shoes for almost 70 years and they have been working on exceptional athletic shoes as a core of their business. This shoe is outfitted with flytefoam® cushioning which makes the shoe incredibly lightweight compared to its competitors. If you are an experienced runner or athlete, you will appreciate this neutral all levels shoe with its gradient jacquard-mesh fluid fit®. The cushioning features of this shoe are designed to bounce back time and time again, something that you don’t typically get with standard shoe foam that tends to break down. This shoe wasn’t just made, it was engineered to adapt to the foot while it is in motion. The sneaker surly makes our top 5 of the best running shoes. Cons: Users report a slow break-in period, poor tread wear, and a more narrow style fit.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Men’s Running Shoe

Another of our favorites is the ASICS Kayano running shoe. It improves a person’s gait and is outfitted with the flytefoam® cushioning which makes it a winner for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. This sneaker is in its 25th year and gets rave reviews from athletes to everyday people looking for a comfortable shoe. We love how lightweight it is from heel to toe and it’s gel packed sole stabilizing technology to support the fasciae of the feet. Cons: Users report that the shoes make their feet sore and that they don’t seem to be the same quality as the style once was.

Hoka One Men’s Bondi 5 Running Shoe

This shoe was designed to work on artificial surfaces, which many of us spend most of our days on. The sneaker is lightweight and is equipped with an Ortholite Insole and is built for a rocking movement. The Meta-Rocker technology is made to help the individual work effectively through their gait and is back by the Eva cushioning to help the longevity of the shoe. The Hoka One is made to be breathable and keep feet cool and dry. Cons: Users report the shoe has some quality issues with the sole coming apart and that the shoe seems on the narrow side.

Saucony Men’s Guide 10 Running Shoes

This running shoe is in its 10th evolution and is engineered to be a flexible and breathable shoe. Runners like this shoe because of its stability and extra support. We like this shoe for its EVERUN cushioning which reduces ground feedback into the foot better protecting you from the pain of plantar fasciitis. The Saucony Guide Is built from engineered mesh with a tri-flex design. This is definitely one the best shoes for plantar fasciitis Cons: users report experiencing differences in right and left shoes. Some say they’ve had some toe numbing problems.

Brooks Mens Addiction 13

The Brooks Addiction is an especially great shoe for those who overpronate and need more stability. The foam insole can be removed and is made of Brooks own cushion technology called BioMoGo DNA. The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar® is engineered into this shoe to help those who tend to pronate more. The heel of this shoe has an extended cushion that offers even more comfort for the wearer of this sneaker. 

An added bonus; if you are mindful of the environment, this shoe is built of eco-friendly materials. Cons: Users who are disappointed with this shoe report that it’s a quality issue. The shoe comes apart quickly.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe is built on a two-layered engineered mesh foundation. The company’s Cloud Wave cushioning technology maintains that the shoe offers a runner a responsive experience and an adaptive fit. The sneaker has an articulated heel to improve step-by-step transitions. The center of the heel cushion, U4ic midsole, is built to give the wearer maximum comfort. Cons: Users report that the shoe was too narrow for them and they seem to be manufactured differently then years prior.

Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 4 Running Shoe

This running shoe gives you a very customized experience with its ISOFIT technology which is designed to allow you to customize the fit to your preferences. It has a full-length midsole cushion with the companies flagship EVERUN cushion. The Saucony Triumph is a mesh style shoe that is engineered for running and everyday wear. Cons: Users report that the shoe may be too narrow for some people and have less cushioning than they had hoped for.

Saucony Men’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe

This running shoe gets top ratings from athletes because they feel they are not wearing shoes at all. This likely comes from its lightweight design and its comfort cushion through their technology EVERUN. The shoe has exceptional flexibility and would be loved by those who are on the go constantly. The EVA midsole Is designed to absorb the shock of the ground without compromising stability. This sneaker is a good choice for those who want a super lightweight fit but superior comfort from their plantar fasciitis.

Cons: Users report that the shoe seems to run small and the outer sole comes apart too quickly.

New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Running Shoe

We appreciate this New Balance running shoe for it rear foot protection when you plant your heel to the ground. It has two layers of foam designed for performance and support giving the individual a rebound not commonly found in other shoes. This shoe is also built on a no-sew material application and a dual-density collar for maximum comfort. New Balance has been manufacturing shoes for 75 years and works with a number of top athletes to provide protection for their feet. Cons: Users report that their feet start hurting after wearing these shoes for a while and the quality lacks for the price-point.

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 18

Another one of our favorites is this Brooks Men’s Adrenaline sneaker. The flexible mesh still allows for a structurally sound and supportive shoe with comfort to boot. For those who overpronate, this shoe will prove to be a great option due to its mid-foot saddle that is asymmetrical, along with a customizable lace-up fit.  The sneaker is one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis as it engineered with the Brooks BioMoGo DNA cushioning and diagonal roller bar for optimal pronating control. Cons: Users report that their feet hurt in these shoes and that the quality doesn’t match the price point.

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

Orthofeet Breeze Womens Walking Shoe

The Orthofeet Breeze shoe is biomechanically engineered to reduce the pressure in the joints through the sole of the shoe. This is a factor for those whose plantar fasciitis is causing pain in other parts of the body due to changing how you walk or stand. The insole of this sneaker is enhanced by an anatomical arch with a cushioned heel that adapts to the contour of the foot. Its lightweight sole is enhanced by the Ortho-Cushion System developed by the manufacturer. Cons: Users report the shoe is a little clunky and that they don’t wear as well as they’d hoped. Some report the shoe is too narrow for their feet.

Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Brooks Addiction Walker shoe receives rave reviews from women with plantar fasciitis or shin splints. The shoe is designed to control overpronation with a solid foundation of its signature MoGo midsole cushioning. It has a synthetic sole and leather construction making it a shoe that will last and that won’t slip. We love them because reviewers consistently report how long they outlast their pain in these shoes attributing to their new found energy and overall comfort. Cons: Users report the shoes feel heavy and aren’t very flexible making them uncomfortable. Cons: Users report the shoe fit big and slips off the heel. Others report that there is a lack of quality of materials.

Orthofeet Orthotic Shoes Women

We have chosen the Orthofeet Orthotic shoe in the walking category for its comfort and ability to stave off painful side effects of daily work or activities. The shoe is enhanced for stability and boasts a non-binding fit that facilitates natural gait. This shoe works well for those who work out or those who need an ergonomic option in footwear at work. Plantar fasciitis sufferers will like how the shoe tackles other associated issues like radiating pain in the joints or even help prevent associated back pain. Cons: Users report that the shoes run small and that they stiff and hard to break in. Cons: Users report poor wear longevity and feel stiff on the foot.

Orthofeet Women’s Coral Sneakers

The Orthofeet Coral Sneakers are a great option for Plantar Fasciitis suffers due to their orthopedic features. The shoe is outfitted with an engineered cushion that makes both the ball of the foot comfortable and the heel. The show includes the anatomical arch support that many with flatter feet can appreciate. The Coral sneaker has a wider toe box making it ideal for those who have other foot afflictions like hammer toe or bunions. Cons: Users report the shoes run small and do not offer enough cushioning for their feet. Cons: Users report the shoe runs small and they aren’t as comfortable as they had hoped.

Vionic Women’s Brisk Dash Slip-on Sneaker

We have placed the Vionic Brisk Dash Sneaker on our list because they pair well if you like to add accessories to your sneakers. Namely, insoles or custom orthotics. We also like that these sneakers take on a more fashionable option for those who don’t want to wear a bulky athletic shoe as you’re just out and about. The construction is made with an EVA-cushion footbed and uses biomechanical features to optimize support and comfort. We believe these are truly the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report that these shoes run small and lack in quality. Some report the shoes are uncomfortable.

Apex Women’s Athletic

Apex is formerly a division of the medical company Aetrex that has been manufacturing medical products for people worldwide for decades. This shoe has your medical needs in mind with its attention to pain management. There are two removable insole layers to help customize your shoe. The company’s signature Mozaic pressure relieving technology will leave your feet in great shape after being on them all day long. The Apex shoe has a high and wide toe box and features stable and traction safe option. You may purchase these in extra-wide widths as well. Cons: Users report the shoes don’t offer enough arch support and they run tight.

Gravity Defyer for Women

We chose the Gravity Defyer for our list due to all of its technological features. The shoe is engineered with VeroShock Technology allowing it to absorb energy from the ground and converted into positive energy. The shoe is built seamlessly to prevent sensitive feet from getting irritated along with removable insoles so you can customize the fit according to your feet. Its rocker like construction makes the midline of the shoe a wonderful match for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis with plenty of room in the toe box. Cons: User report the shoes are too stiff and are clunky to wear all day long.

For Men

Orthofeet Monterey Bay Mens Sneakers

The Orthofeet Monterey Bay walking shoe is designed to be worn for those who need a long daily wear option. Men who spend most of their day on their feet will find the engineered orthotic insole a part of their must-have list for shoes. There are anatomical heel cushions placed to ensure those with plantar fasciitis are well-protected while on their feet. An added bonus to this shoe is the biomechanical technology that prevents your upper joints to be impacted from your feet. Cons: Users report that the velcro seems to wear out too quickly and the materials may lack a little in quality.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a shoe made especially for those who overpronate and have low arches.

HydroFlow® technology makes the midsole cushioning ideal for the heel and ball of the foot. There is a full-length cushion in this shoe that is designed to provide stability and shock resistance. The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB®) creates support at the arch to combat overpronation. The outer and inner construction of the shoe is engineered to increase stability and optimize balance. Added bonus, the sole of the shoe is eco-friendly making all these attributes part of why these are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report that the shoe doesn’t wear very well and that they felt too solid on the foot.

Xelero Matrix – Men’s Motion Control Walking Shoe

This is a unique sneaker in that it has plantar fasciitis very much in mind in its construction. The shoe was engineered to relieve ankle and calf stress which plantar fasciitis stems from. The seamless structure makes way for its lightweight cushioning at the midsole and is topped with an EVA developed insole.

The materials are made of Dri-lex which is a moisture-wicking fabric technology to keep your feet cool and dry for the duration of your time in them. Cons: Users report the shoe runs a little small.

Orthofeet 525 Men’s Shoe

The Orthofeet 525 makes it to our top shoe list in the walking category due to its popularity and structure. Popularity comes from its comfort and versatile look. The shoes look like it can be worn at work, or even on special occasions. The construction of the shoe includes anatomical arch support with a fit designed to ward off pressure points. The shoe has a deep wide toe box, so the foot is protected and relaxed inside the shoe. There is plenty of sole cushioning on this shoe as well for maximum comfort. Cons: Users report that the velcro doesn’t last as they would have hoped.

Orthofeet 422 Men’s Shoe

Men deserve options too, and that is something we really like about the Orthofeet 422 Baton Rouge walking shoe. A stylish shoe that delivers on walkability and comfort for those with plantar fasciitis. Orthofeets’ standard engineering can be found in this shoe with premium orthotic support of cushioning. The shoe works with added orthotics as well. Men report that this shoe not only relieves some of their foot pain but also feels non-binding while their foot is relaxed while wearing them. Cons: Users report the shoe didn’t feel as soft as they had hoped and that they run a little small.

Orthofeet 520 Men’s Shoe

Another Orthofeet shoe making our top shoe list for plantar fasciitis is the 520 Men’s Walking shoe. The Orthofeet cushion construction can be found in this shoe which many find to relieve pain, especially if they find themselves on their feet all day. Noted as their “Broadway” shoe, this shoe can be worn at the office just as easily as on the town. The Anatomical arch support makes it ideal for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis or similarly related issues. Cons: Users report the quality seemed off for the price-point of this shoe.

Vionic Orthaheel Turner Men’s Sneaker

Rounding off our men’s walking category are the Vionic Orthaheel Turner Sneakers. This sneaker is touted for their “street style” for those who don’t wish to sacrifice style for comfort. The lace-up portion of the shoe is constructed with a lightweight tongue and collar, along with heel tab. All the fabrics used in this shoe are breathable and features a removable EVA footbed for a high-quality comfort experience.

The Vionic Turner has received The APMA Seal of Acceptance which is noted for exceptional quality and promotes good foot health. Cons: Users report that the shoe doesn’t wear well considering the purchase-point.

Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

Saucony Women’s Grid Stratos 5

A great feature of this shoe is that they are a neutral built shoe making it great for athletic types who love to walk and need a well-rounded shoe. Those with high arches will appreciate this shoe as it has midsole support not found in many other shoes like them on the market. Heel GRID® system makes heel strikes easy to handle and won’t interfere with your gait. This shoe can be used for running as well and those who wear them report a significant change in how long they can walk or run in them.  Cons: User report the shoes are less comfortable than what they anticipated. Some also suggest that they fall apart too quickly.

Z-CoiL White Leather Tennis Shoe

The Z-CoiL Tennis Shoe is one of the most unique sneakers on the market. This sneaker is specifically built to support the ligaments associated with plantar fasciitis. Those who wear this shoe experience 50% less impact that results in fatigue and back pain. The ball of the foot area of the shoe has a 3/4ths cushion structure and wide toe box alleviate pressure point problems. The rocker-like sole allows for easy step transitions and is aided by a rubber sole for a no-slip resistance. Cons: Very few poor reviews, the main one being that the shoes seem a little heavy.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoe

The ASICS Bella Tennis shoe is engineered with Trusstic System Technology. This makes the shoe lighter without sacrificing the performance of the shoe. They have a PGuard Toe Protector to prevent toe injuries on the court. One of this shoe’s top features is its Forefoot GEL Cushioning System that affects its comfort and stability. Inside the shoe is constructed with two layers of memory foam so the shoe can adapt to the foot with ease. The sockliner of this tennis shoe has a gender-specific arch to ensure the shoe feels comfortable and secure. Cons: Users report these shoes are uncomfortable and run narrow. Others say the quality lacks for the price-point.

Adidas Stella McCartney Barricade Boost Women’s Tennis Shoe

This adidas shoe makes strides a breeze because of it’s “Boost technology” allowing for an energy-returning property after it strikes the ground. The midfoot of the tennis shoe is designed with a 3D Triangular structure which makes the shoe incredibly stable and comfortable. The midline of the shoe is also equipped with 3D Torsion which aids the shoe’s support features. The lateral support of the shoe is supported with adidas 360 TPU support and performance. Cons: User report the shoe is not for those who have a wider foot and that the cushioning seems to be lacking.

Z-CoiL Fuchsia Leather Tennis Shoe

The Z-coiL Leather Tennis shoe is one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis because they are built for those with significant foot pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis by focusing on the plantar ligaments. Women who use this shoe report less joint and lower back pain as well. These shoes reduce impact by up to 50% than other tennis shoes on the market. There is a thicker 3/4th cushion in the toe region of this shoe and a wider toe box to protect the smaller ligaments of the toes. The rubber sole is ideal for a no-slip court experience. Cons: Users report that the shoe was hard to get used to and didn’t feel stable.

For Men

Z-CoiL Leather Tennis Shoe

The Z-CoiL Tennis Shoe is designed to protect the plantar ligaments to decrease the damage and impact that typically aggravates plantar fasciitis. Z-CoiL says that wearing this tennis shoe will reduce impact pressure by up to 50% and ease back pain. The wide toe box will help relieve pressure points for smaller ligaments and are cradled by a forefront cushioning. There is extra padding in the collar of the shoe with larger eyelets for the laces. The max compression for the coil can be pushed to 1 inch. The coil offers better stability resulting in better balance. Cons: Users report that the shoe felt awkward and too different for their preference.

Z-CoiL Leather Tennis Shoe

Pain relief and performance are a few of the key features of this tennis shoe. The Z-coiL shoes focus on providing pain relief through a unique fit and progressive engineering. With a compression measurement of 1 inch, the shoe is designed to take a significant amount of pressure off of the foot and the body. The shoe features “speed lacing” for easy on and off wearability. The shoe has a wider than normal toe box which allows the ligaments of the toes to relax in the shoe’s cradle. This prevents pain points that many people get from typical tennis shoes. Cons: No adverse reviews to report.

Dr. Comfort Endurance Men’s Therapeutic Shoe

The Dr. Comfort shoe features an arch stabilizing design which helps both the performance and support of the shoe. The shoe is made of leather and mesh materials that balance durability and longevity. A gel insert in the sole of the shoe makes it comfortable for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. VELCRO makes the shoe an easy option with a unique no-tie elastic lace. Cons: Users report the shoe falls apart too quickly.

New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Tennis Shoe

The New Balance MC1006v1 Tennis Shoe has a cushioned stability feature making it an ideal option for those who experience foot or heel pain. The lightweight foam, REVlite, is in the midsole of the shoe allowing it to both cushion and support the arch of the foot. The tennis shoe also is non-marking, a good feature for the court, with a durable outer sole designed to wear day after day. Mesh inserts allow the shoe to breathe and keep the foot cool and dry. Cons: Users report that this shoe runs narrow and has a tight toe box.

Ektelon T-9 Roadster Mid Indoor Court Shoe

This shoe is designed for the racket ball all-star who needs relief from their courtside plantar fasciitis pain. This shoe is unique in that it doesn’t require a “break-in” period. Just put it on and reap the benefits of its high-quality materials, Dri-Lex breathable features, and toe drag protection construction. In the midsole, you’ll find a 4-way construction with a three-layer density EVA cushioning to protect the foot from further pain or damage.  The lateral and medial stability is backed by an injected “wishbone” TPU shank. Cons: Users report that the shoe glue line is clearly visible and point to a lack of quality.

Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

The 100% leather Dansko Mule is loaded with features for those looking for a solid work shoe. The instep is padded with a wide heel strike for greater stability and heel protection. The shoe features memory foam throughout with a rocker style sole to ward off plantar fasciitis pain. There is a reinforced toe box and includes a sound inner structure to ease torque adding to the shoe’s stability. We believe this shoe ticks off all the right boxes as the best shoes for plantar fasciitis in the work category. Cons: Users report that the shoes are not made as they once were and sight poor quality.

Skechers for Work Women’s Lace-Up Shoe

For those in need of an OSHA compliant shoe, this Skechers Lace up shoe will meet those requirements. The shoe has an athletic cushion sole and a lace-up design. The inner sole can be removed and replaced with an orthotic if desired.  It has a full lace-up panel and is made of flexible and soft leather. These shoes get high feedback ratings from women in the retail and nursing industries. They can be found in various colors. Cons: Users report that the shoes are painful and make their feet hurt if they have to wear them for a longer length of time.

Skechers Women’s Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track

Women looking for a slip-on shoe that will offer relief from plantar fasciitis may want to consider this Skechers Sure Track work shoe.  The outer construction is reinforced at the heel and toe areas for longevity. The insoles are memory foam cushioned and can be removed. The work shoe features FlexSole at the midline giving the shoe major durability and comfort. They are made of leather and have a slip-resistant outer sole ideal for work environments. Cons: User report that these shoes fell apart quickly and are targeting for knock-offs.

Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe

The Dansko Pro Xp shoe is built on a rubber sole and features a no-hassle slip-on entry. The toe box is wider than similar clog style shoes giving the foot plenty of room without triggering pain points. The footbed of the shoe is constructed of memory foam which offers comfort for longer wear. The outer sole has a rocker-style construction which many say alleviates fatigue and supports problematic and painful feet.  Cons: Users report this shoe feel stiff and create foot pain.

KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog

These KLOGS shoes are designed with nurses in mind, but also anyone who spends hours on their feet every day. They are specifically made to handle slippery environments and are made to last using durable materials. Inside you’ll find a removable cushioned insole to keep painful feet a little happier in the workplace. Cons: Users report the shoes are poor quality and fall apart. Some say they are not worth the price-point.

For Men

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

These shoes get rave reviews from those working in the restaurant industry. If you work in an environment where you spend countless hours on your feet too, these might be a good option for you. These Skechers are a slip-on shoe making them an easy on and off experience. The fabric is mesh-based and has elastic panels at the sides. Both the padding and stitching are reinforced with this shoe.  The shoe is lined in soft fabrics and features a memory foam insole as a cushion for maximum comfort. Cons: users report that the shoe doesn’t have good ventilation and is uncomfortable.

Thorogood Men’s ASR Series 6″ Mid-Cut Tactical Boot

The Thorogood ASR Tactical Boot is a 100% non-metallic based boot made with cement construction for maximum durability. The shank of the shoe is made from a composite material and features a slip resistant sole. The rest of the outer shoe is made of leather and nylon. Inside, the EVA cushion footbed makes the boot lightweight and made to be ultra comfortable. The thick footbed can be removed. Cons: Users report the shoes are not made well, and the cushioning isn’t on par with the company product descriptions. 

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe

The 100% leather in this Keen shoe is both water and stain resistant. The toe region is protected by the KEEN Patented Toe Protection where the materials wrap up and over the toe giving your feet maximum protection. KEEN.Cush is the company’s signature cushion which is a blend of recycled PU, cork, and memory foam, which hugs the foot and adjusts to its unique topography.  Meets the MARK II and ASTM F2913 SATRA non-slip testing requirements. Cons: Users report that the slip resistance isn’t very good and that the shoe falls apart too quickly.

Skechers for Work Men’s Rockland-Hooper Slip Resistant Slip-On Shoe

For those in need of an OSHA approved shoe for work, these Skechers Rockland-Hooper shoes might be precisely what you’re looking for. This shoe has comfort in mind for those who have painful ailments like plantar fasciitis. The removable cushion insole can be removed and the midsole region is designed to be shock-absorbant. The shoe can be worn in wet or oily conditions and is designated as slip-resistant. Electrical Hazard (EH) safe design meets ASTM F2413-05 EH standards. Cons: Users report that the shoe isn’t as comfortable after wearing them for a few weeks.

5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C. 6″ Shield Side Zip Boot

This is a breathable, waterproof and pathogen resistant tactical boot that gets rave reviews from persons who work in unforgiving environments. The boots are designed to keep the foot, clean, dry and safe no matter where your feet end up. They feature a shock mitigating system and is designed to cradle the foot despite its rugged exterior. This shoe meets CSA/ASTM certified safety toe standards and offer a puncture resistant sole that will surely give you peace of mind. Cons: Users report the shoes aren’t as comfortable as they thought they’d be and that they do not stand up to rough working conditions.

By type

Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

NAOT Women’s Dorith

This NAOT sandal is gladiator inspired with various straps construction to ensure stability and comfort. NAOT is known for making a shoe that can be worn for longer time periods and still offer a fashionable option. The footbed is made from both latex and cork which is covered in suede and designed to learn the contours of the feet. Women love these shoes for their style but secretly for their unwavering comfort. The straps are designed to mold to the feet after wearing them for a little while. Cons: Users report that the shoe runs narrow and small.

KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

The KEEN Newport Sandal is a comfortable option for women looking for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and who want to care for their feet while putting them to work. The rubber toe bumper allows for maximum protection and is constructed from webbing fabrics. The sole is an EVA molded cushion footbed and secure lacing capture system. You’ll also find Hydrophobic mesh lining and Multi-directional lugs on this shoe. These shoes are PFC free. Cons: Users report the shoe isn’t made well and had trouble with the rubber toe area not feeling right on the foot.

Vionic Women’s Amber

The Vionic is a natural-made shoe with material like cork and microfibers. Those suffering from plantar fasciitis will love that these shoes are constructed with shock absorption at its core. The shoe will minimize heel pain and is crafted with the EVA midsole construction for comfort and durability. They are a flexible structure with arch supporting properties. The Vionic has the APMA seal of approval. Cons: Users report the shoe fell apart soon after purchase and run somewhat narrow.

Naot Women’s Kayla Wedge Sandal

The three-strap Naot Kayla Sandal will be a hit for those who want both comfort and something stylish. The comfort comes from the latex and cork footbed that is wrapped in a suede material designed to mold to the foot. You’ll feel stable due to the straps and construction of this shoe. The stylish factor comes from the various colors that this shoe comes in and its 1.25 inch heel that works for both casual and sporty moments.  Cons: Users report the shoe runs both small and narrow.

NAOT Women’s Pixie Wedge Sandal

This sandal from NAOT, the Pixie Wedge, has style written all over it. However, once you put it on, your feet will be thanking you. This shoe is camouflaged to be a stylish option but is secretly super comfortable and easily one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. It has a rubber sole and latex and cork inner sole that is lined with suede for maximum comfort.  The straps of this shoe allow it to be secured to the foot while the toes have room to expand making it ideal for those who suffer from foot pain. Cons: Users report that this shoe isn’t comfortable if you plan to walk a lot. Some reported blisters and that the metallic finishes were peeling.

For Men

Orthofeet Alpine Men’s Sandals

The Orthofeet Alpine Sandal is an ergonomic shoe outfitted with sole softening Insole to cushion the foot and protect it for those may suffer from plantar fasciitis. It is constructed with anatomical arch support and an extra wide toe box making it a nice option for those with flatter feet and produce pain in the ball of the foot. This shoe was engineered to offer relief from pressure points typically caused by other types of sandals. Cons: Users report poor quality and design of the shoe.

London Fog Mens Sailor Fisherman Sandals

These no-slip sandals get rave reviews from men who spend a lot of time in water environments due to their solid rubber outsole which provides a good amount of traction. The shoe is made primarily of rubber and has an EVA sock and cushion to provide maximum comfort. The triple hook and loop closure make the shoe easy to get on and off and has velcro straps which are great for water and dry quickly. You don’t have to be a sea-going-sailor to appreciate these shoes and what they have to offer.  Cons: Users report the shoe quality didn’t match the price point for the shoe and they fell apart at stitching sites.

NAOT Men’s Mikael Flat Sandal  

The NAOT Mikael Sandal Is designed to be a slip on sandal that allows aware plenty of room for the foot to spread out and relax. This feature protects the foot from pressure point pain. The sandal is made mostly of rubber with a cork and latex footbed that is wrapped in suede designed to mold to the foot. It is a lightweight shoe and has adjustable back straps with hook and Loops in the instep. Users report that it is a durable sandal and prevents slipping. Cons: Users report a few stitching issues and that the shoes seem a little heavy.

NAOT Men’s Andes Flat Sandal

The NAOT Andes Sandal Makes our list of best shoes for plantar fasciitis due to its arch support and footbed cushion. The arch support is a comfort feature that allows the user a comfortable walk for long periods of time. This is backed by the cork and latex footbed that can be removed. Those suffering from plantar fasciitis report that this shoe allowed them to be on their feet for longer periods of time than any other sandals they had worn. Reinforced stitching and velcro straps make the sandals both durable and secure on the foot. Cons: Users report that the shoes are not made as well as they used to be. Some report the shoe being flawed right out of the box.

ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

This nubuck leather sandal by ECCO boasts a stretch fit lining to help the shoe mold to the user’s foot. It has a dual density footbed that is engineered to prevent bacterial growth and protects from odor build up for those wearing the shoe for long periods of time. The midsole is injected for support and durability and the insole features Receptorâ Cushioning technology. The outsole of the shoe is made of flexible rubber. Cons: Users report the shoes run narrow and some have had some quality issues with them coming apart.

Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

Cobb Hill Rockport Women’s Aubrey Dress Pump

The Cobb Hill Aubrey Dress shoe is made from burnished leather and has adjustable straps. Users report that this shoe is a good balance between style and comfort as the art déco vibe of the shoe is balanced with the comfort of its construction. There is a shallow platform and 1 ⅝  heel which makes it a good option for the workplace. Inside, you’ll find an EVA footbed which makes the dress shoe comfortable to wear all day long. The sole of this shoe is rubber and has a steel shank. Cons: Users report the shoe runs small. Others report that the shoe didn’t last long if worn a few times a week or on trips.

Mark Lemp by Walking Cradles Women’s Leash Dress Sandal

The Mark Lemp Leash Dress shoe is adorned with either metallic leather or microfiber and is a strappy option that blends a dressy shoe with a comfortable shoe. The footbed is cushioned and is covered with leather making it ideal for those who suffer from various types of foot pain. The ankle strap and buckle closure allow for a precise fit and the textured rubber sole plays up its durability while making it a safe shoe to wear either at work or for a special event. We believe this is one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis in the dress shoe category. Cons: Users report the shoe was uncomfortable or too tight.

Dansko Women’s Debby Dress Sandal

The Dansko Dress sandal is 100% leather and has a synthetic sole ideal for shock absorption. The heel of the shoe is 3 inches and is wider than most heels, offering it a more stable surface. The dual strap of this shoe is braided and has a buckle closure. The Eva and cork midsole makes this both a sustainable option and adds to the comfort of the shoe. Women with plantar fasciitis report that this shoe has been a lifesaver in the dress shoe category considering finding a comfortable dress shoe for this kind of foot pain can be very difficult. Cons: Users report the shoes were uncomfortable.

NAOT Women’s Intact Platform Dress Sandal

The NAOT Intact Dress shoe is made of 100% leather with a rubber soul measuring 1 inch thick. The heel measures 2.5 in and is built to be shock absorbing making it a great option for those who experience foot pain.  The inner sole of the shoe is made of cork and latex and is covered with microfiber for optimized comfort.  The double hook and loop adjustability of this shoe is a feature that users report being very happy with. Cons: Users report the shoes take a long time to break in and aren’t worth the price point.

Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Shayla Dress Pump

The Rockport Cobb Hill Shayla Dress Pump Comes in both black and brown styles and are made of 100% leather which allows the shoe to mold to the individual’s foot. This vintage style shoe has a 2.25-inch heel that is wider at the base making it comfortable for longer wear. Inside, the shoe has comfort ethylene vinyl acetate insole which provides for extra cushioning for feet that can be problematic.

For Men

Johnston & Murphy Men’s Shuler Bicycle Toe Oxford

The Johnston & Murphy Shuler Oxford dress shoe Is 100% leather with a leather sole. This is a lace up style dress shoe that has a split toe, with contrasting bicycle seam stitching. The construction of the shoe is made to be durable with a signature bondwelt structure. Inside the shoe, is a padded tongue and collar with a multi-layered sheepskin footbed. Under this, you’ll find a molded latex rubber structure which aids in the shoes flexibility and long-wear. As far as dress shoes are concerned, we feel this is one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report the shoes tend to wear poorly and weren’t as happy with the styling as they thought they would be.

Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Bike Toe Oxford

This one hundred percent leather Oxford dress shoe, by Rockport, features a rubber sole and a square toe design. A unique feature of the Rockport 2 Bike Oxford is its shock-absorbing heal which was engineered by adidas. The insole is a sponge-like acetate which is engineered to take on the form of the foot for a personalized fit. This shoe is waterproof leather and has seam sealing features along with an antimicrobial lining for less moisture and odor. These shoes are a good choice for those with plantar fasciitis due to its lightweight nature which reduces foot fatigue. Cons: Users report the shoes run big and have some poor quality issues.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford

The ECCO Helsinki Oxford dress shoe Is a leather shoe with polyurethane sole designed to be flexible and lightweight so it can be worn for long periods of time. The leather footbed is engineered to absorb moisture and can be removed if you need to create a customizable fit. The construction of the shoe is a direct injection process which creates long-lasting durability that very few in the marketplace can compete with.  The inner sole of the shoe is vegetable tanned leather with a moisture absorbent foam to help control odor or bacterias. Cons: Users report the shoes were too tight and run narrow.

Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoe

The Hush Puppies brand is a known and well-trusted shoemaker and you will not be disappointed with this Gil slip-on shoe. It is made of 100% leather and has a padded collar with hook and loop closure. Part of what makes this shoe so comfortable is the EVA footbed which has a mesh cover for moisture. These shoes come in a variety of wide options making them a good choice for people who demand a more roomie shoe. The outsole is designed for comfort with a zero-G Shock absorbing material that is both lightweight and durable. Cons: Users report these shoes were stiff and didn’t live up to the cushioning they had hoped for.

Timberland Men’s Bradstreet Plain-Toe Oxford

This plain toe Oxford, by Timberland, is 100% leather and features a partially recycled rubber footbed. This feature provides cushioning for the foot along with needed support for those faced with plantar fasciitis. The under sole of the shoe is equipped with Sensorflex technology which aids in the flexibility of the shoe and is deemed an independent suspension fit. The Bradstreet Oxford has blind eyelet lacing. Cons: Users report the shoe’s higher heel back was uncomfortable, and they were tight across the top of the foot.

Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

Orthofeet Leather Moccasins

This Orthofeet Moccasin has a rubber sole which allows the person who is wearing them a sense of stability that typical soft-soled slippers don’t offer. These slippers have anatomical arch support and are built to alleviate pressure points on the foot that may cause pain. There is a soft sole cushioning technology that goes into the premium orthotic insole making it a good option for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis or similar foot ailments. Cons: Users report the shoe isn’t a sturdy feel and are uncomfortable.

Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule

The Spenco Supreme Slide slipper is a mule style slipper That is made from 100% leather. the soul is a synthetic composite material giving the slipper structure for those who need more stable wearability. It has a contoured footbed that will allow the cushioning to hug the foot. Women with plantar fasciitis report that this shoe is a good mix of support and comfort as the footbed is not too cushioned where it impacts the stability of the slipper. Cons: Users report these shoes had irregular arches and felt strange or uncomfortable.

Vionic Adilyn Women Round Toe Canvas Slipper

For those who like a slip-on style slipper, the Vionic Adilyn canvas slipper might be a good option for you. This round-toed slipper as Orthaheel® technology making it an ideal option for those with plantar fasciitis. The cushioning is designed to hug the foot and create a softer strikethrough. They have a hook and loop closure to ensure that the slipper is secure on the foot and doesn’t create any tripping or fall hazards. The harder outer sole also aids in the slippers durability and long-lasting wear.  This slipper scores high with us as one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report these shoes don’t have proper arch support and create pain in the feet after wearing them for a while.

Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper

Another Vionic slipper making our list is the Gemma Mule. This slipper comes in various colors which are a nice option for those looking for a more stylish slipper that suits their preferences. The slippers are made of a fabric textile in our cupboard with the EVA footbed for maximum comfort. The outer sole is made of TPR  materials which Aid in its durability and support. The slipper can be adjusted with velcro closures and earns the APMA  Seal of Acceptance For those who have significant foot pain. Cons: Users report that there isn’t enough support in these shoes.

Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper

The Vionic Sadie mule slipper has a podiatrist-designed footbed making this the key feature of this slipper. This slipper introduces the biomechanics of shoes with the comfort desired by those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The slipper has a cushioned EVA  footbed and a TPR outer sole. Women who have purchased these slippers like the adjustable velcro straps that give the slipper a good solid fit and feel. Cons: Users report these shoes run too big and aren’t as comfortable as they had hoped.

For Men

ISOTONER Men’s Moccasin Slipper

The Isotoner Moccasin makes our top slipper category due to its indoor/outdoor versatility and its closed back design. The slipper is made from a microsuede with a sherpa soft sock lining the inside of the slipper. The insole is memory foam which also sports arch support. The insole is also gel-infused so it will be able to support the foot and help alleviate foot pain that tends to come with plantar fasciitis. The slippers outer sole is rubber and weatherproof and has proven to be skid resistant offering plenty of traction for secure footing. Cons: Users report the shoes were uncomfortable and had poor sizing.

Orthofeet Asheville Leather Slippers

The Asheville slipper by Orthofeet is a mule style shoe that can be worn inside or for the occasional mailbox run outside. This shoe is engineered to be anatomically correct to allow the toes to spread and relax which helps those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The cushion system inside the shoe will also help alleviate pinpoint pressures that other slippers tend to miss the mark on. Velcro strap makes the slipper secure to the foot and isn’t loose considering its slip-on nature. Cons: Users report these shoes ran big, were heavy and didn’t support the foot as they thought they would.

Spenco Men’s Supreme Slide Slipper

The Supreme Slide by Spenco Is a slide in style shoe that is made 100% from leather and is lined with faux fur. The synthetic sole is a non-slip and non-marking outsole. The structure offers a deep heel to ensure solid footing and support while being worn. This slipper also offers arch support similar to that of an orthotic. For those with sensitive feet, they will appreciate the Metatarsal Dome which will help alleviate or foot pressure. Cons: Users report that the sizing of this shoe seems off and report issues with the arch not feeling right.

Acorn Men’s Fave Gore

The Acorn Fave Gore slipper is made from wool and fleece and is designed to keep feet comfortable and warm. They are a closed back design and will give you indoor and outdoor support with a secure fit. The elastic panels on either side of the shoe also contribute to the slipper’s proper fit. Plantar fasciitis sufferers will appreciate the memory foam core and footbed offering a therapeutic fit for the contour of your foot. This slipper ensures secure fitting for long wear and is slip resistant. Cons: Users report the quality isn’t the same as they used to be. Others report the shoe’s sizing seems off compared to their every sized shoe.

ISOTONER Men’s Microterry Slip on Slippers

This ISOTONER slipper is made of microterry fabric in a moccasin style loafer. They are closed back design and have a rubber sole that can be used indoors and outdoors. Inside, the slippers sport a memory foam insole that is gel infused with arch support to offer maximum comfort. These slippers are said to alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis and fatigue that comes with foot pain ailments. Cons: Users report the shoes have a quality issue and poor cushioning that breaks down too fast.

Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

For Women

Orthaheel Vionic Tide

These flip-flops were designed by a podiatrist, and harness the power of biomechanical technology to create a stable and supportive flip-flop. The technology used in these Orthaheel flip-flops are proven to reduce excess pronation which tends to be associated with plantar fasciitis. The structure of these flip-flops attempts to address the support issues associated with foot and back pain and realign the foot to its natural position for stable and comfortable wear. These flip-flops get top marks as some of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report this shoe cuts into the top of the foot uncomfortably. Others report the shoe has an arch that is hard to get used to or causes pain.

FitFlop Women’s Flora Flip-Flop

The Flora flip-flop is designed to offer maximum shock absorption with a 1 3/4 inch wedge heel and 1-inch rubber platform.  The flip-flop is laser-cut leather and built on a thong style sandal for easy on and off wearability. The insole of this shoe helps to prevent slippage and is soft to the touch. The company, FitFlop, has biomechanically engineered this shoe so that the midsole has little to no wobble motion for a secure and comfortable footwear experience. Cons: Users report the shoe doesn’t fit well and are painful between the toes. Others report the shoe broke shortly after purchase.

OOFOS Women’s OOlala Thong Flip Flop

This flip-flop was engineered especially for those who suffer from foot pain and are looking to recover. OOFOS ’s flip-flops are designed to absorb 37% more impact than similar thong style shoes. They offer a natural motion,  biomechanically designed, and cradle the foot with a structure to help ease foot pain and recover from ailments such as plantar fasciitis. As an added bonus, these flip-flops are machine washable. Cons: Users report the shoe’s paint peels soon after purchase. Other report defects like tears in the shoe that come within days and weeks of wear.

SOARFREE Plantar Orthotic Flip Flops

Maximum cushioning of this lightweight and flexible flip-flop is that the heart of the SOARFREE orthotic flip-flop. The sandals have a built-in orthotic which is said to help those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and similar foot pain ailments. The shoe is lightweight and flexible and boasts an EVA midsole for maximum cushioning and easing of the pressure felt in the feet that may radiate to other joints in the body. Soft woven foam is used for the straps to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit. The bottom of the shoe sole it’s designed with an anti-slip traction design to ensure the safety of those who wear it. Cons: Users report this shoe is stiff and heavy. Others report that the shoe hurts to wear for daily wear.

Vionic Women’s Pacific High Tide Sandals

This Vionic flip-flop is built on a 2-inch platform for maximum shock absorption and easy on-and-off wearability. The podiatrist approved design has a footbed which will wrap the arches of your feet and keep them comfortable all day long. The flip-flop is made of fabric and a rubber outer sole. The Pacific high tide sandals bring together the science of biomechanics with a slice a fashion sense for everyday wear. Cons: Users report that this shoe broke apart too quickly and straps are uncomfortable.

For Men

Vionic Wave – Unisex Orthaheel Sandals

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, these Vionic wave flip-flops are designed with you in mind. They are built with an Orthaheel technology which targets a foot that overpronates or tends to have flatter arches. The Wave flip-flops balance and stability is attributed to its deep heel cup and construction. The midsole of this shoe is an EVA design which will absorb the shock of the ground that can radiate to the upper extremity joints. The shoe is lined with foam to reduce irritation and at maximum comfort. Cons: Users report the shoe to be uncomfortable and has a strap that is too tight but also wears out.

Reef Fanning Mens Sandals | Bottle Opener Flip Flops For Men

We have added the Reef Fanning flip flop because of their unique design and attention to comfort. The sole of this unique shoe boasts a bottle opener in its outer sole, perfect for the moments you’re caught on the beach without one. The shoe itself is anatomically designed to be supportive and comfortable. It has special arch support with shock-absorbing compression cushions molded into the EVA foam. The shoe has a herringbone rubber traction making it durable and slip resistant in water environments. Cons: users report being displeased with the quality of these shoes.

OOFOS Unisex Original Sport Thong Flip-Flop

We love the OOFOS original flip-flop because of its attention to comfort for those with plantar fasciitis. This shoe will work on both men and women and cater to their specific foot issues. The foam in this flip-flop has been engineered to absorb up to 37% more impact or shock than other flip-flops in this category. The sandal has medium arch support and is designed to float in the event they fall off your feet. Cons: Users report that the show cracks and peels within a month and that they are not as comfortable as they had hoped.

Kaiback Men’s Drifter Sport Flip Flop Sandal

This flip-flop is for the athletic types who may be more active in their flip-flops than others. The superior comfort of this Drifter sandal is designed to be able to take a lot of side-to-side motion. They are also designed with traction in mind for those who live a very active lifestyle. The flip-flops are made of synthetic materials and are reported to be incredibly comfortable by those who have purchased them. Cons: Users report these shoes run small and narrow and have some quality issues.


Crocs Casual and Sporty Sandal

These sporty flip-flops are constructed with Croslite foam cushioning over a synthetic sole. The flip-flops are reported to be lightweight and easy to slip on and off. The engineered foam in Crocs is a patent technology used in nearly all of their shoes making them incredibly comfortable and popular.  Other reviewers of this product say that the sandal offers plenty of comfort for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report this shoe shrinks in the sun, also they broke rather quickly and didn’t seem to be a quality product.

Footminders BALTRA Sandals

The BALTRA Sandal is engineered to be anatomically molded to the foot to support those with either flat feet or low arches. These are a thong style sandal with the midsole sporting the EVA technology material for flexibility and maximum cushioning comfort. The heel cup cradle of this shoe is deep fitting which supports balance and stability while wearing the shoe. Those suffering from foot pain will be happy to know that these sandals have been recommended by a number of podiatrists and chiropractors to help reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report the straps are too loose and are uncomfortable compared to others they have tried.

Fanture Ultra Soft Flip Flops

The Fanture technology in these flip-flops provides support for the foot while in walking and static positions. The material restricts the ability to pronate, which tends to be a trigger for plantar fasciitis. The material, FANSLITE,  is built on the basis to absorb more impact giving the foot maximum relief from any wear and tear on the foot as well as maximum shock absorption that could cause or tension. The flip-flops are lightweight in design and flexible with a cushion that can work with just about any foot type. Cons: Users report various issues regarding size and wearability. SOme report the shoe is uncomfortable and others say they didn’t last long after purchase.

OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thong Flip Flop

The OOFOS Flip Flop has both men and women in mind who suffer from plantar fasciitis to help them recover quickly and prevent re injuring themselves. The construction of these flip-flops offers maximum comfort allowing the foot to fully relax in the flip-flop and not put additional pressure on the ligaments associated with foot pain. These are made from OOfoam technology which is designed to absorb 37% more impact than other flip-flops in its class. Cons: Users report issues with these shoes breaking only a month or two after purchase. Some report they weren’t that comfortable.

Crocs Unisex Modi Sport Flip Flop

The Modi flip-flop buy Crocs are made from 100% technology-based man-made materials. There is a dual density comfort system built into the shoe which may help those who suffer from foot pain. The Croslite cushioning give the flip-flop longevity and comfort at the same time. The inside of the shoe features a soft, massage-like footbed. Cons: Users report these shoes lack quality especially from those who have purchased them years prior. They believe they aren’t made like they used to be.

Best Women’s Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

Muk Luks Women’s Nikki Belt Wrapped Boot

Boots can be a little tough to find for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. We chose this Nikki boot from Muk Luks because of its roomy nature and non-irritating construction. The boot is 100% polyester with faux suede materials. There are various style options for these boots making them a win in the fashion category as well. Cons: Users report that these boots run small and break down too quickly.

Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

Since these boots are 100% waterproof, with a rubber sole, we have placed it in our list of top boots as not all the boots featured have these attributes. Inside the boot, you’ll find a contoured footbed that is removable which ads much comfort for those who wear these boots. These are a quilted design with front lacing and faux fur collar. The specialty soul is made for traction and is non-marking. Cons: Users report that these boots sometimes have waterproof issues, others report that these are not good for those with high arches.

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot

The Columbia Ice Maiden boot is made with a lightweight Techlite midsole which offers superior cushioning that can be worn for hour after hour. The boot is constructed of waterproof leather and has 200-gram insulation to keep the foot warm and comfortable. The Stitch is adjustable with the lace up closure and the Omni-Grip outer sole makes for a slip-free walking experience. Columbia knows how to do cold-weather gear and this boot fits right in with their mission. Cons: Users report this boot runs small and has selective waterproof issues for some users.

Keen Women’s Elsa Waterproof Winter Boot

The Keen Elsa winter boot gets rave reviews from those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. They are 100% leather with a rubber sole designed to prevent slipping. These Boots are waterproof with a seam-sealed layer that will keep the feet warm and insulated, along with a 100-gram insulation construction. This boot sports a sherpa collar and mesh lining which will allow the feet to breathe. As an added bonus these boots have a heat-reflecting element that provides protection with a thermal barrier. Cons: Users report that some boots leak and fit too small. Others say they aren’t as warm as they had hoped.

Sorel Women’s Snow Angel Lace Boot

Sorel has been in the business of making trusted snow boots four decades. The Snow Angel boot is made from leather, synthetic fleece, and faux fur.  This is a lace-up style boot and is insulated with a material that can hold up to -25-degree weather making it a great boot option for those who live or travel to extreme weather environments. The outer portion of this boot is waterproof, and it is lined with cushioning for maximum comfort. Cons: Users report these boots can leak and don’t keep feet very warm. Others say there needs to be more padding in them.


Best Insoles/Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

We have chosen this insole due to its technologically engineered structure providing maximum balance and stability in the shoe. These insoles are great for those with a flatter foot and can be used in almost all types of footwear. The insole is crafted from medical grade dual based EVA foam which improves the longevity and performance of those who use them. These provide exceptional pain-relieving support making the insoles great options when paired with the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Cons: Users report that these insoles are too wide for many of their shoes and are too thin to offer enough support.

Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Making our list of must-have insoles is the semi-rigid arch support by Powerstep. This insole offers stability with plenty of flexibility in a full-length insole. We love this option for those suffering from plantar fasciitis due to the heel cradle cushions supported by the Dual layer VCT technology from this company. These work both for athletic purposes or for daily walking and standing activities. They can be easily removed and used in various shoes. The insole is made ultra-thin and has an acetate foam base. Cons: Users report the quality doesn’t seem to be very good and that they are stiff in nature offering little comfort.

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Shoe Insoles

We have placed a second Powerstep insole in our top accessory picks due to the overwhelmingly positive response of these insoles. This insole offers a deep heel cup orthotic arch support that replicates a neutral arch making it more flexible while it improves natural gait during walking or running. Insoles can be worn in just about any shoe including dress shoes, athletic, or casual footwear. Cons: Users report these insoles brokedown quickly and offered little comfort for the money.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

These insoles are specifically related to plantar fasciitis and help minimize arch pain that comes from high arches, flat feet, pronation, and other foot pain issues. These insoles can be worn by men or women and can be placed in various types of Footwear. They are biomechanically reinforced with technology that provides maximum comfort and support. They are designed to keep the bones of the feet in a more vertical posture to support balance and stability. Cons: Users report these insoles were uncomfortable and too stiff.

VIONIC Unisex Shearling Orthotic

The Vionic shearling insole is an orthotic style solution for those faced with plantar fasciitis and similar foot pain ailments. These insoles are made of shearling and our design to help lower limb alignment. They are fixed with a try plantar motion control which is used to create a neutral position within the foot offering it more stability and support. The lightweight insole is made with EVA cushioning and is reinforced in the heel and ball of foot for maximum shock absorption. Cons: Users report these weren’t as plush as they thought they would be, especially for the price tag.